5 Things to Avoid on a First Date

5 Things to Avoid on a First Date

a couple on a date

Time is very precious. So why waste your precious time going out with a person you do not intend to see afterwards? First dates are often confusing, somehow interesting and can also be awful, blind dates or even worse. If you are planning for a first time date, then this is for you. There are some things that you should absolutely avoid and you need to be very sensitive on this. Remember that the first time encounter is the most impeccable moment to learn about a person.

Monopolizing the conversation

This is a recurring issue that most people have on first dates. Some people find it easier to speak about themselves, while others find it easier to ask questions. If the date partner turns almost all the questions you ask into a monologue; that is more to themselves, then don`t encourage more questions. Maybe they will eventually realize that they have been dominating the conversation.

Why a Restaurant not at a Bar

Bars are usually noisy and crowded. When you are on a first date, you want to learn more about your partner. Meeting for drinks is okay; however, this should be at a restaurant or other facility that also serves. It is often hard not to feel obligated to order for more drinks when the bar tender takes away the empty glass; you need to have some drink on the table!

You do not want to drink on an empty stomach and become tipsy. When on a first date, always take a maximum of two drinks.

What to talk about if the date is sparking an intimacy relationship

Exes are a touchy subject, always. The exes were such a big part of your life, and now that is all history. Regrettably, this topic always comes up, often in some kind of distaste, other times in a positive manner, maybe in the form of a funny story that involved your ex.

Either way, do not raise the subject. The last thing a potential partner wants to hear is their date talking about how awesome or crazy their exes were. If you must tell a story that is funny, you can change your ex to a friend, to given the story a neutral tone.

Using Your Cell Phone

Although this is difficult in the prime of the social media era, pulling out your phone when on a date is a major turnoff for many people. Even though it may be valid at times, it is not recommended. Give your partner maximum time to learn more about. Remember by not paying much attention to your phone, you will also be maximizing your time to learn more about your date partner.

Talking About the Future

Remember that this is the first date. Your date is still trying to decide whether you are worth another date or not-do not start planning it yet! Most people cannot stand it when their dates automatically assume that because they are having a good time, that there will necessarily be a follow-up date. The first date is about knowing the basics, feeling out your partner, and determining whether there is potential.