False Flattery vs Authentic Compliments

False Flattery vs Authentic Compliments

a couple on their first date

Do you remember when did you last compliment a woman? Do you remember what was her reaction to it?

Women absorb the glance energy, causing them to blossom. When giving a compliment to a woman, it's a proof that she has been noticed. On the other hand, most men do not know how to compliment a woman. When giving a compliment which isn't right (or authentic), this causes the woman to build walls around her and to interpret even the warmest compliment as a false try.

Confused? You have a good reason to be. Compliments are one of the most powerful tool (yet very elusive one) in the courtship world. Sharpening the skill of giving compliments to women, will have a direct affect on the quality (and quantity) of your relationships.

False Compliments

Give one of these kind of compliments and you're busted. A woman will unveil it easily. This is because false compliments are:

  • Blurred

    "You are beautifully dressed" instead of "What a wonderful red shirt".

  • Short

    "You are beautiful" instead of "What a wonderful color of your hair/eyes/skin, it reminds me of...."

  • of Irrelevant Subject

    When complimenting a woman, do your best to be able to talk about that subject a little more.

  • Remote

    Look into her eyes and cherish the little moment. This will make her know you are present and really meaning the compliment you gave her.

  • Irrelevant to the context

    Both in face to face communication, but also in an online conversation, it's important to relate to the dynamic of the conversation. Make sure to give compliments in the context of the conversation - this can be mentioning the big beautiful black eyes (after, and while looking into them) or writing (while online) about the beautiful yellow shirt that appear in one of the pictures.

Authentic Compliments

Every woman deserves an authentic compliment. When complimenting a woman, you're in fact praising the supremacy of nature. Pay extra attention to the following aspects and how they live inside the woman you are about to compliment:

  • The way she looks at objects

    Eyes are gateway to the soul. Through her eyes, you can feel the state of mind she's at and the way she communicates with the world.
    "I really enjoy the way you looked at that object, it reminds me of when I'm..."

  • The way she's dressed up

    Special colors and colors matching, style etc.
    "What a beautiful necklace, it matches the color of your skin/eyes".
    "Lovely black dress. And the way it matches your bag - it seems you invested a lot of thoughts about it" etc. etc.

  • Make the moment last

    This should be done in small amounts. Try to be more descriptive (or verbal) and add 10%-20% words to your sentences.

  • The way she moves

    Every person (especially women) has his unique way of moving his body. Make sure to pay attention to these little gestures.
    "I noticed you while you we're talking to the waiter, I like the way you used your hands. It was soft and warm, it seems that the waiter paid attention to it as well".
    "I like the way you sat there and smiled at that couple" etc.

  • Maintain eye contact (when face to face)

    This really should be number one. Being present with her at this moment is a key factor for increasing the chances of success.

We have good news for you - The Compliment Muscle can (and should) be trained and improved. Try to look at women (or men, or even objects) for a couple of seconds (or minutes, it's up to you) and write down 3 compliments you can give them.

You'll soon find out that your paying attention to details (and communicating these "details" to women) will actually build attraction inside your inner self, causing you to enjoy the situation more.