Being Single Is A Blessing

Being Single Is A Blessing

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You do not have to wait until you are old and gray to figure out that being single is a true blessing. The media, churches, schools, family, and even the government seem to push people into having to have a relationship and a significant other to be a complete and vital person. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One simple example should suffice to illustrate the point. The modern Popes have all been single for life. Could anyone claim that these men have not accomplished something that was good and worth something in their time on Earth?

The push that society has made on people to become mated is the major reason for the high divorce rate. Everything pushes young people to get married and the young end up doing as they are told only to get divorced in a few years. Then the are pushed to trying it again by the same people and institutions that pushed them to failure before.

Everyone is not destined to have a mate for life. Some people are so mentally ill that having a spouse could be a recipe for murder. Many of the men and women who contribute the most to business and science are simply so consumed by their passion for what they do that a relationship is just not considered as necessary.

Cosmetic companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, clothes makers, and car companies all base their ad campaigns around convincing you that their products will help you find a mate. These dubious claims succeed in enriching the advertisers and the manufacturers but no evidence exists that using any of these products actually increases a person's chances of a successful relationship.

The film and television industry and almost any company that makes a product uses sex to sell the product. Sex is a necessity to produce children. The prisons are full of unsuccessfully raised children according to most psychologists. A significant number of people are simply not mentally or emotionally capable of raising children.

Sex is promoted as a way to be happy. Sex is actually a biological need driven by hormones. The temporary happiness that sex may create is a function of hormones as well.

Being single should be viewed as a choice and not a loss. There are many benefits of being single that trump any of the adages about being married and the realities.

Being single means that your time is yours. No one is constantly badgering you to do something for them. No one is attempting to mold you into something you do not want to be. The anxiety caused by relationship stress is not a part of a single person's life. Being single is a form of freedom that the majority of the world never recognizes.

Humans need love. A single person can find love in their God, in their family, and in doing things for others. Being single allows you to define happiness and fulfillment on your terms instead of the terms another person, a company, or an institution imposes upon you.

Being single is a real and true blessing. Acceptance of your desire to be single is the first step in learning to enjoy the gift of being single. The added blessing is that you are free from anything that is pushing you to have a relationship that you do not want or are not ready for.