Tips to Help You Turn Your Second Date Into a Successful One

Essential Dating Tips for a Successful Second Date

a couple having a good time on their date

Of course the first date is crucial if you are serious about wanting to get with somebody, but it isn't the end of the world if it doesn't go off as you planned or even if it turns out relatively bad. Your second date can make up for this, though, and it is arguably more important for determining the future of your relationship. Nearly everyone is a nervous mess on their first date, so it's really not a fair representation of who people are; the other person should realize this too. To avoid a repeat of a bad first date, you need to use the information about what you did wrong or what went wrong in general to avoid making the same mistakes. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a better second date.

Spice up your Date Plans

If the first date was too pedestrian or lacked enough activity to keep awkwardness from creeping up and forcing you to think of things to say, your second date should be all about having a fun and engaging atmosphere, where there is plenty of things for you to spark a conversation from. Festivals, parks, museums, and zoos are all great places to choose from. This allows you to keep things light, but allow for both parties to redirect any anxiety towards what's in front of them. When your lunch or dinnertime approaches, you are a little more loosened up and hopefully have a few conversation topics to pull from. It's also very clutch to be able to refer to the day's events when you are still feeling a little nervous.

Show that you Care

Don't just spend your second date being occupied with your own extravagance and demonstrating how confident you are about yourself. All of that can rub off the wrong way and come off as being arrogant or self-absorbed. What you really should be doing is using your second chance to show your date that while the first time didn't go great, you were listening to everything and you do care about their happiness, rather than your success, so to speak. Reference conversations that you were having on the first date and follow-up with more questions that you are interested in hearing about your date. If your date mentioned places or activities that they love, you could use that as inspiration for what your second date becomes, but don't make it too personalized or that might come off as a little desperate.

Don't Smother in Romance

Being a gentleman or lady is okay, however, don't go overboard with romantic themes and gestures, unless you have a strong sense that your date is secretly lusting for you. Chances are that intuition is wrong anyways, so try to keep things comfortable and hold-off until the end of the date before you go in for a kiss, even if you did manage to score one on your first date. The key is to keep the pressure off on this second go around and show that you know how to have a good time and that you really would love to keep dating to see if this relationship will blossom into full romance.