Online Dating and The Coronavirus - The Dos and Donts

corona virus cell

The noble Corona virus has introduced a new term to our lives - Social Distancing. With the lack of opportunities to meet in-person other people a new approach should be adapted in order to maximize your safety and the chances of finding a potential mate. We've gathered some useful tips that can help you decide what should be appropriate in an era of pandemic.

Spend More Time Online

Don't rush! It's OK to be cautious nowadays, it's even a must. People understand that one can have more doubts and tend to chat online much more. The fact that the first date will appear after some time, in your/her/his place (and not in a bar...) has a great weight. Not everybody is ready for a first date in a non-neutral place. It's acceptable that people in this situation will want to spend more time getting to know online before dating.

Ask Meaningful Questions

Asking meaningful questions early on in a relationship is a great practice. Today, it's more acceptable to ask these questions even in an online chat, or in the first phone calls that you make with a person. Many researches have shown that the quality of questions that we ask our partners has a lot of weight on our involvement in this relationship. You can find some ideas in this article.

Stay Updated on Local Guidelines

When the authorities' guidelines and instructions tend to change on a daily basis, it's important to advise with local authorities about what's allowed and what is recommended.

Avoid Over-Reacting Online

When staying at home, we all spend more time watching screens - watching our smartphone's screen in particular. This means that we're one click away from replying to messages. While this can have its benefits, it can cause us to overthink about our online conversations (as they are the only social interactions that we make) and over react in online conversations in general - especially when texting in a dating site.

Avoid Over Media Consumption

This one's more general - Politicians, media all have hidden motives that justify what they're doing, and what they're saying. Try to keep your TV (and phone browser) away from Media sites. Though it's our need to stay updated - over consuming of news can elevate our stress level during this time.

Online Activities Can Be Fun

There are several online activities that can make the Getting-To-Know-Somebody process a lot more fun, and less interrogative. First, if you still haven't done so, download a Video Conference client app. Some clients have the ability to apply display filters to your(or both) side of the call. Though we don't recommend hiding, it can lower the stress level, especially when today's Video Calls are justified and happen earlier on. You can also play online games together - try to have a phone conversation while you play.

The Coronavirus has implications on our day-to-day living in all aspects, and really changed the way we live today. If we truly understood the power of online networks, we will be able to use it for ourselves, turning the lemons into lemonade.